Horizontal or vertical stripes?

Although at Efesto Designs we have not really performed our own experiments on this topic, it seems that the question whether vertical or horizontal stripes make one look taller or slimmer has been the matter of intense scientific research!

Perhaps the conventional wisdom is that horizontal stripes may make someone look wider, while vertical stripes may make someone look thinner and taller than they are. But others disagree and say that the opposite is true.

OK, our own opinion is that it does not really matter, just follow your taste. But if you are interested in what others think, you could take a look at these studies by psychologists: 

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Worth a read. Perhaps there is still no clear-cut answer!

The reason we got intrigued by this question is because it is related to an optical illusion, called "Helmholtz Illusion". Professor Hermann von Helmholtz, the great physicist and physiologist of the 19th century, contributed to a huge range of scientific topics and also made amazing contributions to fluid mechanics, the scientific area that drives the innovations in Efesto Designs and is responsible for so much beauty and harmony in nature!