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Comments in chronological order (based on the indicated receipt date):

Eleni, London: "Excellent fit!!! I wear them for a year and colours still the same!" (24/04/18)

Maria Kalozymi (Ambassador), Athens: "Beautiful leggings with special and different designs than all the other leggings you see on the market with special meaning behind each one! Check their story! They have a perfect fit on my body. Great fit with high waist for awkward yoga poses. The quality is amazing - no slides. The fabric is dry fit so you feel good even after an hour of practicing! We are waiting your new designs Efestosports! Love your clothes!" (28/05/18)

Meg, Courtenay: "The compression fit is great! They don't slip down, the thickness is perfect, but the fabric still breathes. Very impressed!" (30/05/18)

Sam, Vancouver Island: "I was sent a pair of your leggings from my daughter and wanted to let you know that I love them! They fit great - I really like the compression fit. They stay in place for yoga, and I love the print! I'm always having people ask where they're from!" (31/05/18)

Maria, Cheltenham: "I love them, I wear them all the time and as normal everyday leggings (not just for the gym) very comfortable, great quality ! Lovely cut that holds high up which I love!" (03/06/18)

Maya, London: "I love the designs, I have the red fire leggings and the grey fire ones and cannot be happier. The quality is amazing, the fit could not be better and I get complimented on them all the time. I will be buying many many more things from Efesto! Thank you!" (06/06/18)

Stefania, Athens: "Loved the fabric, the fit and the colours of my yoga shorts, my leggings and my top. Feels great wearing them while doing yoga but also look great for a walk. Thank you so much!!! Definetely buying more." (26/06/18) (Efestosports note: Stefania asked us for shorts. We created a test sample for her and she kindly tested them. We are working to make them available shortly!)

Feather Polo (Ambassador), Tulum: "Absolutely Love Love the vibrant happy colors that Efesto has created! It is clear in the craftsmanship of the pieces that they have taken a lot of care assembling these and it shows! The fabric is super sturdy while being very soft at the same time. You may want to order size towards the larger, as they run a bit small." (02/07/18)

Urvashi, London: "Love Efesto Sports for their unique designs and excellent quality. The products don't lose shape and are flattering. I always get asked where my leggings are from!" (31/07/18)

Klelia, Athens: "Love the colors and shapes.  Fits perfectly to your body, and I like so much the feel of leggings and sports bra" (29/11/18)